Monday, February 25, 2013

Where Does Your Insecurities Come From?

So I had a conversation with someone and it got me thinking. What if you cant figure out where your insecurities come from. Is it possible that there really isn't a reason you feel this way or is there always a reason? I would have no idea. I'm not a doctor or a psychiatrist so I wouldn't know how to figure it out.In my opinion I think there is a trigger for feeling a certain way and having insecurities.

Usually it starts out as a kid. As you grow up and your body changes, you start to notice and realize things you never knew. Such as having larger or smaller breast, being heavier than your friends, the shape of your body and even the features on your face. Not only do you notice them but others do as well and if you hate a specific part of your body that will start your insecurities. No one wants other people to see what they hate about themselves. As we get older we either grow out of those insecurities or they get worse.

When we get to the stage of wanting to date that can cause insecurities also. Feeling that we are good enough or lack certain qualities can damage our self esteem. Some women try to be what they feel that person wants. That leads them to not liking who they are and wanting to be someone else like a celebrity. Everyday we see images of what society says is beautiful and women are affected by it everyday.

As adults we should be at the point were nothing can shake our confidence, but its not always that easy. When you wake up morning and look in the mirror what do you see? You have to ask yourself that and if it's negative you need to figure out why. Comparing ourselves to other is the main culprit in having insecurities. Why do we do it? I'm at the point where no one can make me feel less than and break my confidence, but why cant others be like me. I can admit I have my days when something bothers me, but I don't let it overwhelm me.

Looking back at our lives we should be able to see when our insecurities, lack of confidence and lower self esteem started. At the point you should be able to also see why it started. Was there a boy you liked that hurt your feelings? was your friend skinnier? were you teased at any point? Did family members hurt you? There has to be something.

My point is that we have to work on our inner selves. We can not be confident, powerful women if we don't believe it ourselves. I recommend starting a journal or talking to someone (anyone) to figure out how to become a confident, power and sexy woman. Wake up every morning and tell yourself one positive thing a day. Leave all negatives behind and love yourself. If you have no one to talk to I'm here, you can contact me.

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