Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How Do You Love Your Body BUT You Want to Lose Weight

I've came across a few things that this topic came up. Typically it's a large woman that is either trying to or has lost weight and is getting negative comments from others. What's more surprising is that the negative comments comes from other big women or men. You know it's kind of crazy to me to see others putting someone down for making changes to their own body. I have never received negative comments about losing weight. The most I have heard is not to lose too much. That is stupid too! I think because those who are receiving backlash are people who are more known basically celebrities in their own right and have a large following.

Now I must say most people who are realistic praise people when loosing weight and getting healthier. I can't find one reason why that isn't something that should be celebrated. The most recent story I cam across was of the model Rosie Mercado. I have followed her for years and she is definitely a beautiful woman. I was surprised when she began her weight loss journey. Women who promote body positivity typically stay the same to show how they love themselves at any size. While many women are comfortable at their size some women are not.

Plus size people goes through an assortment of things that lead them on the path to weight loss. For Rosie Mercado, she reached her breaking point at an airport. For myself, I have health conditions that will get better with weight loss. Just to have a easier life physically is a reason for most. I know I will be happier when my knees doesn't hurt as much or when I dance I am not limited more than my counter parts. Whatever the reason someone wants to lose weight is their choice. No one can make you feel bad for wanting to be a smaller size even if it is just that you want to be skinny.

We live in a world when many people have opinions and majority don't even know the live you live. Before you entertain an opinion of someone that holds no value to your daily life think about your own goals and aspirations. Focus on you and the changes you want to make and you will reach them. Forget what a person say or think. DO YOU! Love your body enough to be healthy and happy regardless of your size or desire to have a smaller frame.

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