Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Excuses of The Big Girl

I have had a some great things going on that has taken up a lot of my time but I had to get back to you guys. I recently did some things with a few other plus size people that has made me feel some type of way being a big girl myself. That would be excuses from people who are of larger sizes. I have had my moments of when I didn't want to do things or I was scared to try things, but I have never functioned in a way of having excuses for everything. This actually bothers me.

Being a larger size I am all too familiar with having difficulties in certain areas. I have knee issues that makes it very tough to do a lot of things. Not to mention just being a larger size I have more to move around specially when it comes to working out or dancing. I also I have health issues that makes it hard for me to do things, so I get it. What I will not do is make my size be my excuse.

I am so tired of overweight people complaining about a lot of thing they have control over. I will not lie and say I never had excuses. I used to say I had things to do or what ever else I could think of. One thing I will never understand is wanting sympathy for your size. That is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Being overweight is not a sickness or disease that cannot be turned around. There are too many options out here to help with that. If you choose to love yourself at your size and don't want to loose weight then OWN IT!

Do not remain a size and want people to excuse your behavior or feel sorry for you. I am all about self love, having confidence, and strong self-esteem. You are to be confident at any size and own what you do. If you want to be the size you are OWN IT! If you want to lose weight OWN IT! If you are doing something you love to do.....OWN IT! Forget what people think of you or the stigma that we can't do things because of our size. On the flip side NEVER let you not accomplishing something get you down. We legit have limitations.....OWN THEM! If one thing stops you find something that you do better. We are not our size nor are we our limitations.

I say all that to say this. Life is not perfect but while you are still living BE CONFIDENT in who you are. Stand up for yourself and what you and forget what others may think or say.

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