Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Will I Ever Find True Love at This Weight???

I ask myself this question from time to time. Will I ever find true love at this weight? Sometimes when I ask myself that I have to just laugh. I'm not sure about some of you but I think I am a great catch LOL. So heck yes I know I am worth the true love I desire. However, why do I feel like it might not happen for me at the size I am. I see many big women who are in loving relationships which reminds m that it is possible. What I have learned that it is not the fact that I think my weight is keeping me from having a man. It is the insecurities I have about my weight that is trickling into my want of a relationship.

When we want something, regardless of what it is, we can often be our worst critic. When you find yourself doubting a situation that is the time to dissect why you are feeling that way. Below I have a few tips on what I do to help in that area to feel better about plus size dating...

1. Have Confidence: Your confidence is your golden ticket to life. what ever you do in life approach it with the most confidence even if you have to fake it. People, especially men, can see a woman's confidence and not having any is a big turn off.

2. Don't Blame Relationship on Your Weight: There is someone for everyone and that is just not a saying. Not every man like plus size women, but best believe there is a plethora of men who love a little extra meat on their women. They may not be your ideal type but they will treat you like the queen you are.

3. NEVER Settle: So you meet a guy who like big women but he is a terrible mate. DO NOT stay and deal with him just to be in a relationship. There are plenty of men that will treat you right.

4. Know Your Worth: Remind yourself about how great your qualities are and know that the right man will come your way.

5. If Your Weight Bothers You... CHANGE IT: I truly understand the difficulties of losing weight but if your weight is really bothering you then you need to make the changes to fix it. It will not be an over night success but knowing that you are meeting your goals will help you confidence that much more.

Everyday isn't always cupcakes and sunshine, but when I find myself feeling down I go through this check list. Remember how great you are and show the world. Your weight is not hindering you it's your thoughts. Happy Dating Loves!!!!

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