Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top 3 Tips to Self Confidence

There is no doubt my self confidence fluctuates from time to time depending on where I am in my life. Currently I am not myself in regards to how I feel about myself in certain areas. Like many stress, anxiety, and other factors plays a major role on how you feel about yourself. Below I wanted to share the top three things I do to keep my confidence level up or at least try to get in a better head space.

1. Write yourself reminders. I have post it notes everywhere, especially on mirrors. Find an object that you will look at frequently like mirrors, doors, computer, phone, and etc. You will have no choice but to read the message when you look at that object.

2. Surround yourself with positive people. Positive vibes can rub off on you and get you in a happier mood. The energy of people can transfer to one another, so keep some happy and positive people close to you.

3. SELF TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most important aspect of how you feel about yourself or a situation. You will either speak positively or negatively but choose wisely. I understand we go through things that are not great, however, it's how you handle these situations that will make the difference. Be your no. 1 fan and cheerleader!  Speaking positive about a situation even when you don't want to will help you get into a positive head space.

These are key to keeping your confidence up about yourself or about any situation you are going through. If you have any other you do to keep yourself in a great space, please share them!

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