Monday, March 23, 2015

The Struggle to Get Back on Track After You Fall Off

That's what I'm dealing with right now. I went so long without having a slip up and now that I am trying to get back to where I was it is a daily struggle. I have always been told it takes 21 days to form a habit and I am starting to believe them. I think there is a few factors that plays a part in my struggle but at the end of the day I am the only one that can make the right decisions for me. So what is my problem.

To be honest it is just easier to reach for that tasty piece of food I crave so much or binge on snacks. It's easier to not think about getting enough water or drink of any sort in. It is just easier to sit on the couch all day and relax than to push yourself while working out. But why do I do it when it's not what I want. I want to be in a position where I'm not tempted by foods and can say no. I want to be able to get up at anytime and get in a great workout without hating it. Soooo what the hell am I complaining about.

If I want it bad enough I will put in the work right?.... I can't say that is completely true but I can say I lack the motivation I had before. When I first got started it was a group of us. Me having the most to lose, it didn't take long before I was following our plan alone. The weigh-ins stopped and so did a lot of the weight loss talk. But that's not their fault. They will not lose the weight for me so who do I turn to? And the answer is myself.

I have to put in this work for myself and create a habit again. I do really good and then when things happen like birthdays, family visiting, and so on I completely give in. It's very hard to be the only one focused on healthy eating and exercising. I know when I get down to Charlotte that will change being that everyone I know down there is focused on the same thing I am. Until I get down there I will have to go it alone and look for motivation and support online.

Here's to going 21 days straight with no slip up to getting back in the habit.

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