Wednesday, March 25, 2015

If I Eat Healthy My Kids Should Too

With cleaning up my diet...AGAIN, I have starting thinking about my daughters. I have always thought and have been told to let my kids live a little and eat food I can no longer eat. I agree with that to a certain point but in the long run I want my kids to understand and follow a healthy lifestyle like me.

A big struggle for me is saying no to the kids snacks and fast food I let them have. When I find that I am binge eating or having major caving its from the kids food in front of me. Not to mention how much of a fight it is to get the kids to eat baked foods and vegetables. It's no one's fault but my own. They are not old enough to buy their own food, cook, or even make selections so why would I get upset when they don't want green beans instead of fries.

I could not live with myself if I allowed my children to become unhealthy due to there food selections. Activity is never an issue as I have them being very active, but being healthy is more than just being active. It is definitely time for a food over hall in my house PERIOD. Does that mean I wont let them enjoy the things they love...No. Like we always say everything is ok in moderation and the key is to replace the not so great things with tasty healthy options.

I know this will take some time getting used to because like myself they will crave the things they have always eaten. This will be a new lifestyle we will all have to get used to and it is so worth it. I do not want my daughters to grow up having weight problems like me. Here I am battling this obesity demon and I have been through many things related to my weight and it isn't all physical.

How can I say I want to be as healthy as possible and not want that from my kids. Well that old mindset is over and starting today (I will be going to the store on my lunch break) I will be changing the way the girls eat.

We have to show our kids the proper way to live healthy by leading by example. While they are young we have to instill core values and habits in all aspects of their lives so as they grow older they can continue to make great choices in their life.

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