Monday, August 11, 2014

Recycling Relationships....Should You Give an Old Boo Another Chance

We all have that one boo that we give multiple chances before we cut him off for good. That's even if we end up cutting him off for good. I have had an off and on again relationship but not really a relationship with this guy for almost ten years. In all honesty I don't even know why it lasted that long.

I pretty much used him as a void to fill space and time while I was in between more serious relationships. I met him when he starting working at my job in about 2005 and I was 19. We were instantly friends but nothing more since he was married at the time. Fast forward to 2008 after I returned back to my home town from living in another state and the birth of my daughter. Me and my daughter's dad was broken up and one night at the club guess who I run into....My old buddy. We instantly hit if off like I never left and since he was no longer married I had no problem with our friendship moving to the next level.

That next level was us just having a good time with each other, nothing too serious, but he definitely had my attention. That was until I was wooed by my daughter's dad and dropped my little boo like a bad habit LOL. Now lets fast forward another year or so to the birth of my twins and eventually ended the relationship with my kids father AGAIN...(smh I know). Who did I run back old boo. He was my rebound guy, my I'm bored guy, my I need love and affection guy, my I just want a serious and good relationship guy. I thought because we never had issues that he could possibly be the man I need to be with. So over the course of I don't know how long he was my boo and I wasn't until I had a serious conversation with him that I learned he may not be the one for me.

As I noticed my feelings were getting stronger for him, I also noticed how certain things started to bother me. I was over the waiting for text and calls back. I was annoying with the priority level I was on. I was highly upset at the things we did for "quality time spent together". And I started to feel nothing but more than a booty call of sorts. It was all fun and games until feelings get involved so I sat him down for a talk. Turns how he didn't want what I did. but he didn't want to lose me (guys kill me with that). So I had a decision to make and after talking to my sister about it and my kids dad wooing me again...smh, I dropped my tender-roni like a hot potato.

So years go by and after my horrible breakup with my kids father (definitely for good this time lol) I randomly and unexpectantly get poked on Facebook and guess who it boo thang lol. I was flooded back with fun memories and cue our cute little convo of how its been so long and how he missed me. So when he asked about my relationship  and I give him the it just didn't work out line, he hits me back with the I should have just stayed with him. But wasn't you the one that didn't want a relationship????? Here we go again, but this time was it was different and that was because I was different. The last break up with my kids dad gave me a different view on what I want out of my next relationship and it definitely didn't include someone who is giving mixed vibes on what they wanted. We are to old for that and sure enough he started his flakiness straight out the gate. I knew it was a wrap and I'm happy I didn't really pursue anything with him this time around.

Things will never change unless we demand change and even then is it even worth it. Some relationships need to stay buried and be gone forever. Remember why it didn't work in the first place and evaluate if it's worth being a part of your life again. Can me and dude be friends....absolutely, but as far as a relationship....nah I'm good. It was fun while it lasted.

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