Thursday, July 10, 2014

MLB Star Prince Fielder Nude...Que The Outrage

Now y'all know anytime a big person does something out of the ordinary (of small minded people) the outrage rings in heavy, even for Texas Ranger's star Prince Fielder.

ESPN is releasing their annual Body Issue and they have seemed to feature people they usually would not. While we are used to seeing the industry standard chiseled and toned athlete, this year we are getting everything from the 77 year old golfer Gary Player to the pregnant volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings. However it's the 275 pound Fielder that is causing the uproar.

You would think that a PRO ATHELTE that brings in multi-million dollar contracts would no have need to defend himself to the critics. After all, if he wasn't in good enough shape how would he be able to preform on a daily basis for a professional team. Yet he is still left with negative comments because of his body type...SMH

Knowing that he is not the average size of a MLB player he told ESPN:
"You don’t have to look like an Under Armour mannequin to be an athlete. A lot of people probably think I'm not athletic or don't even try to work out or whatever, but I do. Just because you're big doesn't mean you can't be an athlete. And just because you work out doesn't mean you're going to have a 12-pack. I work out to make sure I can do my job to the best of my ability. Other than that, I'm not going up there trying to be a fitness model."
It kills me that something that is so positive is torn down just because it is not the ideal image of some. So instead of congratulating him on his confidence and amazing career, not to mention how fine he is LOL, people take one look at his naked body and share their hurtful words. What a shame!

I have to applaud Prince and ESPN for stepping out side the box and showing love to those who don't fit the industry mold.  I totally encourage more outlets to feature more individuals which will then lead to a change in what many see as normal.

Meanwhile lets take another look at his amazing shoot!

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