Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dressing Room Meltdowns

Nothing like have a moment in the dressing room right?

Any woman with curves face many obstacles when trying to find the right attire to fit perfectly. It can definitely become frustrating and I am not immune to having them either. What we need to do after the meltdown is how we recover from it.When we become frustrated, upset, emotional or even angry its time to then evaluate the situation.

First we need to understand if the store carries clothes to fit our body types. Not all body types are created equal. Knowing your body type can help you pick out appropriate and flattering items. Some stores clothes are not American cut and you may need to adjust the size you select, i.e. go up a size. If that doesn't help then the store is not for you. Of course, we would love to shop where slimmer girls do but some times it's just not meant to be.

Second, not all looks are flattering on your body. There are amazing styles out there but we cant wear all of them, even if we are in love with it. Its nothing worse than seeing someone squeezing into something or seeing them with an outfit that makes them look a mess. We need to wear something we love but also we have to understand what we look good in.

Lastly, what do you wear that makes you fell good about yourself and confident? How we feel in what we wear is what determines our moods and attitudes. Learning how to dress appropriately can help build your confidence and self-esteem. So with that being said, learn what you should wear before buying clothes. It could avoid meltdowns in the dressing room and help you build you confidence.


  1. I'm 5' tall so I had to learn that yards and yards of fabric and flowy pieces do not always flatter my small but round figure. I have learned the hard way over the years, that structure, ruching and belting are my friends,creating shape and making me feel and look better. Kudos to you for bringing this to light. And maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves, after all, it's the clothes that should fit our body, not the other way around.

  2. Thank you, That is why I started this blog. I want fuller figured women to become empowered and embrace their body.

  3. Well said Jasmon Brown, i totally agree with you.I call it dress your size.One thing that as really help me over the years is if it doesn't fit don't buy it even though it is on sale.

  4. Exactly, eventhough its made in your size doesn't mean it will look good on you.