Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I Have to Be Strict With Eating

I always hear about people having cheat meals or even days. I learned the hard way that I am not one those people that can partake in a cheat anything. I have been battling binge eating since I can remember and it is something that I know can not be taken lightly. I have to focus and be very strict with what I can eat because if I have something (mainly sugar related items) it is all over for me. And I am not talking about sweets and candy. Any type of sauce (other than tomato based), greasy foods, and grain products like bread will do me in.

Being strict actually leaves me with limited options of what I can eat, which is why eating clean has always worked out best for me to maintain eating right and losing weight. I recently, at the beginning of October, gave myself a cheat meal. That eventually lead to a cheat day and then to a cheat month. I fell completely off and I am just now getting back on track. Sugar addiction is alive and well when it comes to me and once I get a taste it takes a while to get it under control.

There are a few things I have to do down to the T in order to keep myself on tract:

  1. Eating as clean as possible is a must! (flavored oatmeal is the only way I can eat it)
  2. Drinking at least a gallon of water everyday! (I hold on to water weight like nobodies business)
  3. Eating every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. If I don't I usually don't eat enough throughout the day
  4. Working out at least 4 - 5 days a week. I hate working out so when I stop it is hell to get back going.
These are the things that has lead me to lose my initial 27 pounds in 2 months. Now that the October is over and I am back on track, I am excited to see more changes in my body and in my health overall. Being strict has lead me to understand what my body response to best and how it is effected when I try to have a cheat meal/day.

Do what you feel is best when you need to stay on track. No every plan will work for everybody!

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