Monday, November 24, 2014

My Personal 2 Week Bootcamp

The holidays are here and I am a little nervous but more determined than ever to stay on track. Everywhere I turn there is someone cooking or baking a holiday treat or meal and lets not even talk about Thanksgiving.

This year I have another plan though. See my company's Christmas party is on Dec. 5 and after looking through my closet of what I will be wearing I decided to finally wear this leather bodycon dress I purchased from my own boutique (shop our holiday sale here). This is a faux leather, hug all your curves type of dress. While I will definitely will be wearing shape wear under it and I like it on me I want to put my best look forward and kill the room with this dress.

This has lead me to buckle down and be a strict as possible to make this happen. Now normally I am strict, but for these next two weeks there will be no cheat meals or snacks and I will also add strength training to my daily workouts. I should be strength training anyway and this is a good way to kick start it! I will share with you my 2 week results and here is my before.

My weight today is 292
This is the most current full body photo and I am wearing shape wear underneath...
The dress in the photo is also from my boutique (shop our sale here)

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