Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wet Seal to Focus More on Plus Size ONLY Store Locations

Many retailers, like Wet Seal,  are coming to understand that the plus size clothing industry is booming and is only increasing in revenue. Wet Seal focusing on plus only shows that the demand and revenue is there and should not be ignored. Although many still feel this is a big risk, the company feels this is the right step to take.

To get out their continuously dropping sales slump, Wet Seal Inc. is looking to the plus size clothing industry to help them out of it. Last fall Wet Seal opened a plus only store in California and also added plus sizes to some of their existing stores to expand their customer base.

In an article on apparelnews.netChief Executive John D. Goodman stated in a press release that “Going forward, we think this could be a sizable part of our business over the next few years,” Goodman said, speaking during a March 21 conference call about the company’s fourth quarter and fiscal 2013 results. “It’s just the beginning stages, but we feel like the investment is not that significant in terms of what we need to do to drive the performance of junior plus.” Goodman, hired last year to give the retailer a new lease on retail life, took over the company when it was hemorrhaging money and on a rocky course.

Like any other retailer this will not be a quick fix and it may take some time to get back to there past financial status, but all is not lost and you definitely can't say they are not trying. I am happy they are opening more plus stores. I just hope they spread their stores out instead of most of them being in California. It is nice to have more walk in stores than ordering online all the time.

What are your thoughts??

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