Thursday, May 1, 2014

Can Plus Size Women Legitimately Date Online???

I am not talking about just meeting and casual dating, I am talking about finding your true love online!!!! We are way past the days when you could chat online with confidence and safety. Although there has always been risk with online dating, it seems that at this time you have to almost be a private detective when you decide to find love online. We are seeing more scam warnings and even have shows like Catfish on MTV.

I was reading an article from another plus size blogger about her dating woes online and I could relate in so many ways. Yes! ya girl has dabbled in online dating and I have some good and some not good experiences. There are some people who are online for a casual dating type of thing or even just looking for nothing but sex, but what about those of us who are actually looking for love???? And lets not forget about the experience difference when it comes to appearance.

Like the other blogger, I have been approached online and offline by men that are attracted to me for the wrong reasons. I have tried a few different dating sites and they have all gotten mixed reviews from me. It didn't matter whether it was a paid membership or a free site, I have always had to block a few crazies (as most women regardless of size has to). What is the most bothersome about online dating as a big girl is finding out the motives of some men.

I have had men try to sell me weight loss tools, want to feed me, and do crazy sex things all because of my size. Not only is it just flat out disrespectful and rude, but it is annoying that it happens A LOT. Now there are nice guys out there, however some men still have the notion that plus size women are insecure and lack confidence and/or are just looking for any type of attention. Which I am NONE of those!!!!!! What about the very confident woman who is secure with herself and her body??? Do they honestly think we don't exist?? That is why we (plus size women) have to set our standards and NEVER settle for disrespectful attention. It only shows them you are weak and vulnerable so if what he is saying doesn't sound right to you, trust yourself and move on. Not all men online are bad though, so don't worry if it might take a while but you will find love.

Now I suggest trying out different dating sites to see which one you like the most and to expand your opportunity of meeting nice men. Always remember to be cautious with any new man in your life, whether you met him online or not. Just take your time and know that your prince charming will be knocking down your door in due time...........xoxoxo

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