Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Is Obesity Really a Disease?????

"In a surprising and controversial decision, the American Medical Association announced on Tuesday that they are now officially classifying obesity as a "disease" in its own right rather than just a "condition" that is a contributing factor to other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease."
Should obesity really be considered a disease?......Absolutely NOT!! Obesity is an extremely sensitive subject and I don't think we will ever come to agree with all the facts or so called facts. Now there reasoning to classify it as a disease:
" is mainly an effort to get treatments covered by insurance companies" 
I do agree that those who can benefit from weight loss and weight management programs but can't afford it will allow them to get the proper help to get them through their journey. HOWEVER...I do feel it will also allow some people to feel more complacent that they do not need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And just to make it clear:

Being Healthy and Losing Weight is Two Different Things

In no way is this article about weight loss, but the mere fact that obesity and disease does not go hand in hand. I do not want to give obesity, fat, plus size, full figured, or etc. another label. As humans we make our own decisions and at times they can be difficult. I myself deal with a struggle of binge eating that I work through every day. So I understand the daily struggle over weight, size, BMI and etc.

I am NOT Suffering from Obesity Disease
I am a plus size woman and nothing more, nothing less. Labeling is the major problem here. Lets stop trying to put a label on things and lets try implementing things to change the world for the better. I can whole heartedly agree with this next statement:
 "it doesn’t lessen the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to health and that doctors should still be discussing this aspect with patients."
Your health is entirely up to you and regardless of your size embrace the body you have. Just make sure you take care of your body. Always remember skinny does not mean healthy and you can be healthy at any size.

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