Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monique Criticized for Losing Weight

Pictures and a video has been circulating of comedian Monique showing her loss and her story. I found Monique to look amazing and was sending a major congratulations to her. What I though wouldn't happen was how a lot of criticism and negative comments that was thrown her way. I couldn't believe that all the hard work she put in would be followed by many wishing she was bigger.

In the plus size community I have noticed that some bigger women find happiness and fun putting smaller women down. What happen to loving your body at any size or embracing your curves???? Have we all forgot that our mission is to make people feel better about and accept the body they have. I know some of her critics probably never even read or listened to her story and her reasons to loose weight. And you know what they say, "Those who assume makes an ass of themselves."

Monique explained that at her weight she was told of medical conditions she had. Monique wants to be alive to see her children and future grandchildren grow up. So she started a weight loss journey. I am all about embracing your size and I encourage us all to live a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to do what you have to be to be healthy. If that means you have to loose weight to live than I am all for it. Who are we to criticize her for losing weight to control her health conditions.

Many wrote how she was a hypocrite for talking about skinny women and then becoming one. I understand she had a lot of jokes about skinny women, BUT her decision was in no way to be skinny. If you look at Monique, she still has some curves and will probably never be "skinny", but aren't we the hypocrites when we preach loving your body and then hate someone for losing weight. Being a larger women does not give you the right to talk about smaller women. It shows signs that you are not completely happy with your body. When you love your body at your size, you wont feel a need to talk about other women's body.

Lets get real ladies. Monique lost weight.....YES. Her comedy acts surrounded around her talking about skinny women....YES. BUT she lost weight to LIVE not to be skinny. Overweight people do develop health conditions because of there weight....ALL THE TIME. Those criticizing Monique need to take a good look at themselves instead of talking about her. Love YOUR Body Ladies and congratulations should be the only thing sent Monique's way.

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