Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Weightloss Progress in Charlotte So Far

Hey Loves.....

I am trying to be consistent  again with posting so expect a new post at least once a week.

Ok so I have been living in Charlotte for 2 months now and although my progress has been slow I am still making progress. I do not know my current weight because I do not own a scale but the last time I weighed myself at my sisters house I was 295. That's a big jump from the 276 I was back in April and close to the 317 I was last year. I hate that I let myself gain 20 pounds back but I know how it happened and I am not letting it happen anymore.

I have been working out consistently since I have been here with my sisters through my oldest sister company Trophy Wife Fitness. I wear my heart rate monitor every class to make sure I am pushing myself to put in work. Her classes varies based on the day but they are all intense. Most days are just one hour but there are a couple classes that are back to back so I do 2 hours. I will not be missing a workout unless I have to. Working out is not my issues though with my progress.

FOOD is my problem lol. The thing is being that I just moved here and I did not have a job in the beginning my food budget was very small. My main goal was to get the kids things I know they would eat and not waste and what was cheap. That meant we were eating a lot of processed food. I have still been making progress but its way slower than I like. Now that I have a job that is all about to change. I am going back to eating clean and I want to be completely clean. That is how I get the results I like. I also want my daughters to learn that clean eating is the best eating. I will be more lenient with them but majority of their diet will be clean as well. I am their example of what is healthy and what is not. They will only do what they see and if I never want to eat healthy neither will they.

I am excited to be clean eating again and looking forward to the results I get combined with the fitness I have been doing. I am pretty sure I am under 295 but I will be doing a weight and measurement check at the end of the month.

How's your journey going loves????

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