Monday, August 3, 2015

I Moved to Charlotte!!!!...and Gained Weight

Oh my goodness guys you have no idea how much I needed a break from EVERYTHING. I finally made that move to Charlotte, NC with my daughters and I can breath again. Preparing for this move was way more than I bargained for, but the move was so needed.

My move to Charlotte was to have a better life for me and daughters and to be closer to my sisters. I was supposed to move years ago but always chickened out when it was time to start planning for it. Welp I didn't chicken out this time and the last week of June I got on the road to a better life.

The process seemed easy to complete, however I was hit with many financial obstacles that would make me have to rearrange things and leave me stressed to the core. Everything was going great in the beginning. Paid bills up, planned the move out, figured where we would life when we got down, put in my notice for my townhouse and confirmed my departure date from work, and the BAM! My car radiator line assembly ruptures. That was a $500 repair, but ok I'll live with that and the BAM BAM! My brakes seize up on my car while I'm stopped at a stop light. With towing my total was...... $1,100. Oh yes I needed new brakes all around and calipers for the rear. This was literally weeks before it was time to move. You can imagine how $1,600 in care repairs can put a huge dent in my finances weeks before I move.

By this point my stress level was on a thousand. I was no longer working out or eating right and you know what that means......WEIGHT GAIN. I knew I was gaining weight but so much was going on that I didn't even care. My focus was on making this move to Charlotte and that's exactly what I did. Me and my daughters still made that move and I have been her for about a month now and we love it. I already am back to working out and eating better. It's amazing how when you do things to be happier, it is easier to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. I am not completely eating clean yet but I am working on it. I did weigh myself randomly one day after my move and it said 298 (Noooooooo). Now that I have been working out and eating better I am excited to see my weight and measurements which I will be doing soon.

I will also be getting back to making YouTube Videos. 

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