Monday, February 24, 2014

My Clothes Declared War on Me

Sooooo yup I have been fighting with my clothes lately and my clothes are winning. I have still not been able to wear all of my pre-twins clothes and now I'm fighting with my post-twins clothing SMH. Obviously I've been gaining weight and battling the scale for a while now but the stressful moments in my life made things that much more difficult.

I always gain weight when I stress and the end of last year was beyond stressful and now my clothes are paying for it. I keep telling myself that I will be back into them soon or they will be less tight once I lose a few pounds, but how long am I going to feel stuffed in my clothes.

As sad as it is to move up in a size I know that is the thing I must do FOR THE MOMENT. It will not be a permanent thing, however, I want to feel more comfortable and relaxed in my clothes. Tight clothes is cool from time to time, but geesh... I want to be able to exhale LOL.

I have came to conclusion that I must buy some new pants, jeans and even some tops. Whomp whomp... IT REALLY SUCKS THOUGH. I work hard but I fall short sometimes and that's ok. It is ok if you have to buy a bigger size just know that if you want to see changes you have to change. That is my goal. The ultimate goal is to get back into my pre-twins clothes and I know that time will come. Until then I want to be able to breath and eat without feeling constricted.


  1. I feel you. I'm going through a similar situation where I dread buying new clothes because I've gained weight instead of losing it. Not a fun place for me :(