Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Love/Hate for Pantyhose

I absolutely love the way pantyhose and tights enhance an outfit, but I have been struggling to find a perfect fit for myself. I have been buying many different brands only to be disappointed after trying to put them on. Plus size bodies are shaped in so many ways that a simple size like 3x does not work for me. My problem lies within my thigh area. Following the size chart is no problem except for the fact that size charts does not include thigh measurements, thus leaving me to guess. I recently bought some super cute tights from Catherines that were a 3x/4x and guess what...everything fit perfectly except for my thighs. It was just to tight for me to wear them comfortably, so I will have to go get a bigger size. What sucks about getting a bigger size is that the waist area will be bigger than it should and I will have to keep adjusting...smh. However I did get the right size in their regular pantyhose. The waist is a little big but I can adjust that with no problem. Hopefully I can find the perfect fit soon.


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