Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Quickly Pack Your Weekender

I learned a lot over this holiday break and the biggest lesson was how NOT pack my weekend bag. I didn't plan on packing for anything but I ended up staying at my grandmother's house with my sisters. I had to run home and just throw some things in a bag and go, which I hate to do because I always forget something when I pack in a rush. Sure enough I packed outfits that looked good in my head but looked terrible on...sigh. So just in case you need to pack a weekend bag in a hurry, I've made a short list of items to make sure you bring everything you need.

Packing Your WeekenderTOPS: You should bring one of three styles you like. Maybe a high lo, a button-up, and a sweater. Of course it depends on the weather but if you have limited space in your bag, only bring three tops.

BOTTOMS: Try to limit your bottoms to two no more than three. Remember you will only be gone for the weekend so the bottoms you bring should be able to flow with all of the tops you bring.

SHOES: Bring no more than two pairs. Both should also be able to flow with everything else you have brought. So bring maybe a tall boot or bootie, and a regular shoe.

ACCESSORIES: Accessories are easy. They don't take up much space so you can bring whatever you like.

Now your items will depend on the season but this quick guide will apply to all seasons. If you are ever in a jam and need to just throw things in your bag, reach for items you love to wear. Do not try to experiment in a rush because you may be disappointed like I was. Use my guide as a reference so you will always be ready for a spur of the moment weekend getaway.


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