Friday, July 18, 2014

Sit Those Puppies Up

I am not talking about actual puppies!!!! 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra...crazy right!!! It is very common for women to think they are a certain size when they are not. Usually as long as it buckles you may think it fit. I recommend you get bra fittings at least one a year, especially if you have just had a child. If you are not able to get a fitting anytime soon, there are a lot of key factors that lets you know your bra is too small.

1. You have spillage. Your breast should not spill out of your bra in any area unless you bought a massive push up bra.

2. Your straps dig into your shoulders. That is a sign your breast is to large and heavy for that bra.

3. The band (sides) of your bra rolls up. If that happens your band is not long enough to properly fit your body.

4. The back rides up (looks like an arch). Again your band is not long enough to properly fit around your body.

5. Your breast still sag with a bra on. Your breast should always sit up (perky like). If they still sag you have on the wrong bra.

6. You have a lot of room in your bra. Gaps are a sign that your bra cup size is too big.

The best way to find out your correct bra size is to go to a lingerie store and have them measure it for you. You can also look at the chart below to help you figure out your bra size.

Courtesy of Platex


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Challenge Accepted....100 Days of Happiness

I can not tell you guys how crazy my life has been since May. Although this year started off  in more amazing ways than I can describe, my life took a drastic change going into May. Since then I have been slowly picking up the pieces of my life but I can't lie; it has been extremely difficult.

I love to share my life journey with you guys to show you I am not immune to life struggles and to reach those who are in need of someone to help them through theirs. Constantly telling myself what I need to do but never executing it is a big thing for me. Lately I have found myself doing that a lot due to the stress and other factors in my life.

At some point you have to grab life by the horns and get into gear to achieve the life you want to have. That is what I am doing starting today. There are a few things I am putting in place to help me along my journey. The major things I want to focus on is handling my stress/frustration/anger, my weight/overall health, and certain areas in my business.

There a few things I plan to do to that. I plan to write in a journal, update my vision boards in my room, pray and read my bible, and the last thing is something I thought can be fun is taking the 100happydays challenge. I have a few friends that are currently doing it and I wanted to see if it cant help me get out of this funk I am in.

I think something like this is great for people who want to improve on the way they think about certain aspects in their lives. So if you have body image issues, financial issues, relationship issues or any other thing you might be going through, you should give this challenge a try. You can sign up HERE and get started which ever day you chose. I hope this will help you on your journey. Follow my instagram @sizefabulous to see my daily challenge post.

Let me know if you sign up and we can stay in touch throughout the journey!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Photoshoot

I get a lot of messages from women who are plus size models or would like to become a plus size model. Although Size Fabulous does not do anything as far as managing models, I do like to send these fabulous ladies to the right people or provide them with any information I know. Since it can be difficult to become successful as a plus size model, I want to give you a few tips that can help you take the best photos for your portfolio, blog post, website and etc. if you are in charge of your shoot.
  • Plan your outfits out in advance. Lay everything out and try things on to make sure all of your items compliment each other and look amazing on your body. Take a picture if you need to remember planned looks, especially if you are shooting more than one look.
  • Steam or iron your clothes. There is nothing worse than wrinkle clothes in pictures. If you are taking clothes to a location, it is best to invest in a portable steamer.
  • Make-up is up to you, however, if you are going to go full glam and you are a newbie to it get some one who is experienced to help you. If you don't want to go that route a great lipstick will do.
  • You hair should be neat. Even if the hair is meant to be a little crazy it should still look well put together.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!! Your outfit will look best where there is the most natural light. Outside is a great choice, but if you want to do it inside make sure you have proper lighting so your clothing true colors will show.
  • Your CAMERA is very important. You should invest in a camera that is capable of high quality/high resolution photos. Also invest in a tripod if you have to take the photos yourself.

As much as we would all like to pay for a bomb photoshoot, a lot of us can't. These tips will help you create your own bomb photos for whatever you need. Now smile for the camera!