Friday, May 8, 2015

Team No Sleep Over Here

There has been great things happening in my life, but I think it's causing me to have anxiety which leads to insomnia. I've never dealt with lack of sleep other than being tired from my anemia. My anemia tired is totally different than insomnia tired. With my anemia, it doesn't matter how many hours I get of sleep, I am still physically tired. That's the type of sleep when you don't want to move your body and your muscles are tired. Being tired from insomnia is simply not getting enough hours.

Being that this has never happened, I definitely think it is because I have my Twershop tomorrow, a 5k next Saturday, I'm going to Vegas the following week, and One other thing I am not announcing yet. These are all new things that I am doing and I am soooo excited about all of them, but nervous at the same time.

While I tackle this insomnia demon, I will be trying a few things to help me get and stay sleep throughout the night.

First I will be turning my TV off. Sleeping with the TV on is something I learned from my mother and my kids learned it from me. I guess I just like the sound of the TV while I sleep. This will definitely take some getting used to but I'm going to give it a shot.

Second I will be replacing the TV with some kind of sound machine. My sister told me that helps her so I figure I will try that too. I love smooth music but open to any relaxing sounds.

Next I will be shutting the house down early. I have been letting my girls stay out later since it's nice enough for them to run around with their friends outside. Them staying out late throws the rest of the night off and everything ends up happening late including my bed time.

And Lastly I will see if drinking tea a little bit before bed helps. I hear a lot about how tea helps people relax at night so hopefully that helps me.

I will update you guys later on the progress of my insomnia. If you guys have any tips please leave them below!

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